Düsseldorf, Kalkstraße

Innovation meets tradition

This property is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine in Düsseldorf. Wittlaer is located in the north of the state capital and is one of the most sought-after and also most exclusive residential locations in the state capital. The building consists of a main house and an outbuilding. It was classified as a "building worthy of preservation" by the Lower Monument Authority of the city of Düsseldorf because the façade is characteristic of the historic townscape.

Within the scope of a modernisation, the property is to be adapted to today's standards for upscale residential use.

In terms of energy, the building is to be converted to sustainable energy sources and using the most sustainable building materials possible, within the scope of the possibilities permitted by the law on listed buildings. Thus, a "building worth preserving" remains in Wittlaer and will soon shine in new splendour and function.

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